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Fib, Gann, Elliott extensions and clusters, 
data calculations, and  Pivot Points 



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Short Medium Term and Day Trading Projectors


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SMTP/DTP trading calculators for commodities & stocks  

are a set of  2 user friendly, multiple function, integrated calculators. With the click of a button, they enable you to instantly perform and view the results of a wide variety of trading data calculations and studies. 

The results are grouped by type  and presented in three panels, side-by-side, all on one screen, for immediate comparison and evaluation. 



With SMTP/DTP trading calculators you can:    

  • Project Fib and Gan extensions

  • Identify Fib and Gann clusters

  • Consider Elliott wave extensions

  • Calculate Pit Pivot Points

  • Derive high potential pivot times

  • Derive high potential pivot price levels

  • Propose trading plans and strategies  

  • Target your exit point 

  • Select protective stop placement levels

  • and much much more


Pivot Magic Trading Course



  Time Projector

  Price Projector


  Range Statistics

  Pit Pivot Points

  Elliott Wave Ext.



Short Medium Term Projector

 Pivots and Range Calculator   Fib Gann Calulator 
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Day Trade Projector 

 Fib Gann Daytrader   Daytrader Calculator
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SMTP and DTP can be used as a set, or separately. The principle difference between them is time frame. SMTP is for short/medium term trading. Its calculations are based on days.  DTP is for day trading and its calculations are based on hours and minutes.

Having done your homework, you are familiar with the underlying philosophies and principles of Time-Price, Fibonacci, Gann, Elliott, etc., and are looking for a calculating tool to assist you in crunching your trading calculations. The SMTP and DTP manual does not contain lengthy discussions of trading methodology. To assist you in considering/applying the results of the various calculations, all of the formulae and ratios used in these programs are presented in the manual.

Learn more how SMTP/ DTP can benefit   your trading:

Features and Terminology.


           We are sure you will both enjoy and profit from using the
Short Medium Term Projector and Day Trade Projector.
           They will be welcome additions to your trading desktop.



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